Shepherd's Center Volunteer Gathering

December, 2012

"Where Age Is An Asset"

We are non-profit, supported solely by donations. Your contribution helps ensure that we can continue our Programs and Services.  Thank You!

Does your life have impact?

Do you look forward to tomorrow?

Can you make a difference in the world?

Do you matter?

Everyone has something to offer. It is untrue that

you do not and cannot make a difference in

another person's life. You have what it takes!

Call us today and discover how your gift of service, like a seed planted on fertile ground, can blossom and produce fruit beyond your wildest dreams. Follow your heart. Make a commitment to explore what we have to offer. Take the first step in transforming your life into a journey - an adventure...of significance!

Current Needs:

Accountant:We have need for someone to do a minimal amount of work for our non-profit.

If interested, please call for more information.

Friendly Visitor:  There is a current need for someone to visit shut-ins once weekly.

Time and Transportation Driver:  There is a current need for someone to provide transportation for medical appointments - various times and dates. Call for more information.

Choir Director:   We currently have a need for someone willing to direct a small group who would like to provide entertainment in nursing home and assisted living environments.

Lifetime Learning Teacher:   We need volunteer teachers for our upcoming Fall and Spring sessions. Do you have an interest, a hobby, a talent to share? Please call and let us know!

Knitter:  We need someone who would be willing to teach a small class of eager learners. If you know how to knit and are willing to pass on the knowledge, please call us!