Our volunteers serve others in simple ways that have tremendous impact on those they serve.

We are not located in a "place."  We are in many places - church buildings, high rises, community centers, assisted living communities - enriching lives, sharing gifts, and celebrating the blessings of giving and receiving. Those we serve benefit from volunteers who embrace and celebrate age as an asset!

Our Services

Putting "Faith in Action," our volunteers specialize in helping their neighbors live independently and well

for as long as possible.

Our Programs

Designed and managed

by our members to enrich their lives with new skills, share their many gifts and celebrate lives well lived.

Our Mission

We are a faith-based volunteer organization of mature people who have found answers to life's questions through

service to others.

"Where Age Is An Asset"

What makes us different?

We are an interfaith organization, established BY and FOR older adults. Our Programs and Services  are planned and developed to best meet the talents, resources and needs of both volunteers and recipients. We do not respond to a mandate that comes from outside the community, but rather to Programs and Services designed and supported by elders living and working within the community. We are Neighbor to Neighbor - Peer to Peer. We are non-profit, supported solely by donations.

We do what we do like no one else does