"Where Age Is An Asset"

We are non-profit, supported

solely by donations. Your contribution

makes it possible to continue our

Programs and Services. Thank You!

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life? Everyone has something to offer.

For someone who can no longer drive,

"good works" means taking them where

they need to go. For someone who is

lonely and isolated, "good works" can mean

visiting them. There are many ways to help!

Our volunteers are just ordinary people who are willing

to give something extraordinary - the gift of themselves!


Our Volunteers

We are a volunteer organization. We recognize that everyone has gifts and

talents to share, and the Shepherd's Center is the place to do just that!

Putting faith into action, our volunteers are the very heart of what we do. The common thread woven through all the stories we hear is that our volunteers believe that they receive much more than they give!

We are an interfaith organization. It doesn't matter what church you attend,

or where you are in your walk of faith. A single mandate is shared by all faith communities, and that mandate is to do good works. At the  Shepherd's

Center, there are many ways to "do good works."