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Prayer Shawls

Do you know how to knit?  Would you like to learn to knit?


Prayer Shawls are hand-made shawls, or lap blankets

created through a ministry of prayer and care for others.

It is a way for people to reach out  with love and concern to

those who are ill or dying, grieving, or suffering in some way.

Is there someone you know who would be touched by receiving

a Prayer Shawl?  Many have been comforted and felt loved

through this ministry. Would you or someone you know like to

join the  Shepherd's Center in making  these wonderful

gifts of prayer?


Several times during each year, we gather for some

entertainment and time together. Whether it is our

annual Ice Cream Social or a meet-up somewhere in

the community, all are welcome to bring their ideas, stories,

laughter and friends.

bring neighbors in the community together. The small class  size and intimate settings are a popular draw for participants who enjoy the intellectual challenge of continued learning and the immeasurable gifts of community and friendship.

In this most popular program, a variety of workshops stimulate the intellect and promote lifelong learning. Men and women study local history, share spiritual journeys,

write memoirs, and much, much more.

And the teachers? You guessed it - all volunteers, giving of their time, talents and gifts. The sessions, held on six consecutive Wednesdays in the Spring and Fall of each year, bring neighbors in the community

  Lifetime Learning